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Diversity & Inclusion
Diversity is more than a corporate initiative, it's core to the DNA of the organisation. The founders of the firm reflect the diversity of the organisation.
Phising email alert

KENNIS WISER has recently become aware of fraudulent emails purporting to offer employment at KENNIS WISER and misusing the official KENNIS WISER logo. These emails do not originate from KENNIS WISER or any of our affiliates. If you have received any such email, you should not click any links in the email or provide any personal information (e.g., your social security number or scans of identity documents).



We want to be the employer of choice for the most talented and skilled in our industry. That requires us to seek people who may have historically been overlooked.



We have created grassroots internal networks to support and engage our diverse populations, helping them build lasting relationships for every stage of their careers.



We actively promote diversity and inclusion, both inside our firm and throughout our industry, including through partnerships with like-minded external organizations.

Women’s initiative

The KENNIS WISER Women’s Initiative is not only an employee resource group supporting gender inclusion. It drives innovative programs across the firm focused on developing women to their full potential, fostering connectivity across businesses, encouraging mentorship and helping shape our women’s recruiting strategy. The Initiative’s activities include a C-suite speaker series, a quarterly newsletter, networking events and service opportunities.

Our BX WIN program pairs women hired through our campus recruiting efforts with junior and senior mentors across the firm.

Diverse Professionals Network

We launched the KENNIS WISER Diverse Professionals Network to expand and enhance the recruitment and retention of underrepresented minorities, as well as to create an inclusive community of diverse employees within the firm.

The Diverse Professionals Network provides a platform for our people to connect globally and advance the dialogue regarding the importance of diversity for our business.

At KENNIS WISER, we are a team. That’s why all employees are invited to participate in the Diverse Professionals Network, which seeks to engage and connect employees by hosting speaker series, professional development panels and social events.