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without complexity
Transform your enterprise, turbulence free.
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Asking the right questions identifies the right problems, unlocking the path to smooth transformation and growth. Face into change with confidence, knowing you have the alignment, tools, and resources to succeed. Phase I is always a pilot Our lean measurement-driven approach to implementation reduces turbulence and maximises results. Sustainable success with support after offboarding

Our promise

Our pragmatic consultancy without complexity model supports confident change management, efficient business continuity, and sustainable growth. In short, maximised value, minimised complexity.

Kennis Wiser Consulting

Confident change management

  • Relationship building and engagement with stakeholders, employees, and customers
  • We never scale without testing. Solution processes are pilot tested + backed by data

Efficient business continuity

  • Ensuring operational management is done while managing risk
  • Transparent internal communication strategy that aligns + offers perspective

Sustainable organisational growth

  • Identifying and mitigating loss drivers for longer term gain
  • Ongoing support and aftercare supports sustainable business growth

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